Cold feet strike again

My Microwavable socks
My Microwavable socks

My feet are always cold. Lots of you probably know that already. I blog about it quite a bit. I have poor circulation so they’re  often a rather fetching shade of purple or, when they’re really bad, black. I try not walk around without socks too often but I don’t tend to wear them in bed, especially if I have my night splints on. When my boyfriend stays over I put them on him instead. He bought me microwavable socks for Christmas once. While I don’t deny that they help me an awful lot, there was also a not-so-subtle hint in there that I should stop using him as my personal warmer, which I have of course ignored.

Last night was yet another of those nights where I have trouble dozing off, but this time it wasn’t because of aches and pains. This time it’s because my toes (and the rest of my feet) were frozen In the end, I got out of bed especially to put some socks on.

It’s definitely getting colder now.

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