Quiet Time

Things have been a bit quite around here lately, sorry about that. My mum’s wedding is getting closer and closer so I’ve been busy helping out on that score as much as I can. Sorry for my silence, but I’m hoping it will all be worth it in the end. There have been a couple of things happening in my life lately that I want to tell you all about quickly now, and then I’ll go into more details when I have more time.


I’ve had my splint adjusted

Some of you may remember I’ve been having some problems with my left splint still rubbing me. My orthotist sent it  away to be adjusted to see if that would help. I’ve been given it back now and I just have to try it. I’m sat wearing it now and it feels quite comfortable. It’s still a bit sore when I walk in it, but like new shoes, you have to try bed them in a little  bit. if it’s no better in a couple of weeks I’ll go back to my orthotist, but for now I’ll just have to wait and see.
I’ve just found some velcro shoes

Needless to say, I’m very happy about  this because I can’t  tie my own shoelaces. I can do them when I’m not wearing the shoe, but I can’t manage it  when the shoes are on my feet quite yet. I’ll get  there one day, I’m sure.

I’m starting to feel achy again

I go through phases where my muscles feel more achy and stiff than for a few days or weeks, and then they will go back to feeling the same as they usually do which I can handle without any problems. I’ve been feeling it  a bit more than normal for the last few days, bu I’m hoping I can stop it from getting too bad.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Fingers crossed you finally have your splint sorted!! I pick my new one up in just under a month….
    I’ve been really achy recently too, although this morning I popped round and used a friends hot tub….. It did me the world of good!!!


    1. It’s been a bit colder here over the last couple of days than it has been in a while so I’m wondering if that might have something to do with it.

      Mmm, a hot tub sounds like just the thing I need right now. Or a hydro pool or something. We had to have our bath taken out when I got my wet room put in and on days like today I really miss it. it was great when my hips are achy.


      1. Oh I know!!! coming back from my friends Friday night we actually put the heating on in the car!!!
        The hot tub was bliss!!! when I came home I managed to get some really good stretching in too…. I wouldn’t be able to live without a bath… saying that, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that if I turned the little thing on the shower head, it has like a massage function!! holding that on a really tight achy muscle helps!!! 🙂


      2. I always find it’s easier to stretch when I’m warm.

        I miss our bath so much but without the walk-in shower I’d need someone to lift me in and out of the bath so it was a case of needs must.

        I’ll bet you were really happy when you found that massage function. Glad it helps!


  2. perhaps try a hot bath or get a massage? those always help. stretching in the shower or doing hot yoga could also help. i’ve found it’s one of the best things to use for aches and pains.


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