My first vlog

Hi guys,

I’ve been thinking about adding some videos to my blog for a while now and today I finally decided to take the plunge and do it.

I’d love to know what you think! Do you like the idea and want to see more of it or would you rather I stuck to prose updates? Let me know.



11 thoughts on “My first vlog

  1. About a year ago, I went to a community event without my daughter for the first time since we moved to our small town. It was then that I realized that my daughter and her walker are the sole reason that so many people speak kindness, offer help and smile so nicely at me. Without her, I went unnoticed. I tend to prefer the side of people that I witness with her by my side. I love that people are moved to extend themselves to her, offering her patience and a hand when needed. I expect she’ll live independently as an adult, but should she need the help of a friend or even a stranger, I take peace in knowing that there are good folks out there, eager to lend a hand. Thanks for another insightful post, Nic!


  2. Cooooooooweeeeeel! It was fun to hear your voice and really get a sense of who you are, maybe you can mix it up? vlog, blog… surprise us each time we see you pop up in our news feed?!


      1. Brilliant! I’m looking forward to hearing how the creative writing class went…!!


  3. Hi Nic – 1st – I LOVE YOUR ACCENT πŸ˜‰ it is very cool! Actually it sounds similar to how I heard you in my head as I read your blog! 2nd I agree with currenkentucky that a vlog kind of gives a bit more of a sense of “you” if you know what I mean – and that is COOL too. 3rd I really like how you write, and I personally like reading you blog, HOWEVER, having said that, I think mixing it up a bit is a nice idea. Maybe chuck in a vlog every now and then. I was thinking also that maybe some topics are good to write and others to talk. Which do you enjoy doing more? I know I like to write, but I might want to challenge myself one day and experiment more with talking….what are your thoughts.
    Whatever you decide to do, it was very nice to see and hear you “live” so to speak.
    Also re the topic…….I cant talk for my daughter yet, but I know she is a bit shy of people offering help at the moment but she is only young still, and we are working on developing all that – there is plenty of time. BUT what I can say is that recently I have had a number of people offer to help me when out – particularly at hospital visits when trying to push a wheelchair along uneven ground…with one hand, carry a heavy bag of information over my shoulder AND an awkward to carry walker in the other, and then try to open a door!!! I did this for years with never any help offered by passers by, despite the obvious struggle! I have been pleasantly surprised by people offering assistance to carry something, or get a door for me. One day a gentleman stopped and doubled back to come and help me trying to also manage an umbrella as we tried to get to our car. Personally, these days, I am glad of the offer of help, and when I need it I gratefully take it up, and when I don’t I politely thank the person and let them no I am ok. Then hopefully it is a win/win for everyone. Hopefully people will be kind and help out my daughter in the future – if she needs it sometimes.
    LOVE your blog Nic – got a bit to catch up on though…….been a busy few weeks πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks Angela! I love writing so I’ll probably do writing mostly but do a vlog every now and then. I think it will depend on the topic.

      I’m glad people are helpful to you but I can understand why your daughter might be a bit shy about asking for help, especially as she’s so young, but I hope that lessens for her.


  4. i hate when people offer me help that i don’t need (even if they have the best intentions) but the worst is when i do need help but i don’t want it, and having to be openly grateful for that help that i never wanted in the first place. i love that you are vlogging and i think you should definitely do more of it!!


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