Fun Fact Friday [1]

Hello and welcome to a new feature here on View from A Walking Frame that I’ve decided to call Fun Fact Friday.

What does this involve, I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

This blog is a disability blog in which I talk about my life with Cerebral Palsy and how it affects me, with fun little stories about the adventures that I have with my walking frame Martha and my wheelchair Agatha thrown in for good measure.

Although my CP is part of me, (a part that I wouldn’t change as long time readers of the blog probably know), but I don’t ever let it define me as a person. I have lots of hobbies and interests that I don’t often mention on this blog because, as I already said, this is a disability blog.

With this is mind, I’ve decided to start doing Fun Fact Friday in which I share a fun fact about myself that I don’t feel has any connection to my CP.

Does this sound like fun to you?

So today’s fun fact is…

I’ve been learning ventriloquism since last summer.

Oscar and I
Oscar and I


I’d like to introduce you all to Oscar my wonderful furry puppet (or ‘figure’ to use the proper term). I’m not brilliant at it yet, as he often likes to tell me, but practice makes perfect. Oh, and he also keeps complaining because I haven’t taken the tags off him yet.

Why not join in and tell me a fun fact about yourself, or do similar posts or your blog and leave a link in the comments?

Happy Fun Fact Friday guys!

9 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday [1]

  1. Great Idea! ….as you say, although it is a “disability blog” , I think its great for “the other side of things” to be included so to speak. Good demo of CP NOT defining you 😉 . Now ventriloquism…..wouldn’t have guessed that 🙂


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