10 reasons I think my walking frame is awsome

My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha
My Nimbo walking frame that I call Martha

My Cerebral Palsy means that I use a walking frame outside the house. I use a wheelchair too but I think that my Nimbo frame, which I’ve named Martha, is especially awesome. Here are just some of the reasons why, in no particular order:

  1. I would find it very difficult to leave the house alone without it
  2. It has a seat on the back
  3. I love the colour
  4. The colour makes other people smile
  5. When my friends are trying to describe a shade of blue, they will sometimes say things like “a shade lighter/darker than Martha”
  6. When I’m standing at the top of a hill or ramp I could just pick my feet up and roll down it if I wanted to. I haven’t done this since I was a very small child, but I still get tempted. Pretty much every single time.
  7. It can double as a clothes horse when I’m trying to get my laundry dry
  8. I can hang my bags on the sides when I’m out shopping
  9. I once saw a little girl in town who was crying, when she saw my walking frame she looked at it and stopped crying for a couple of seconds.
  10. I could choose to accessorise it for special occasions or fancy dress parties if I wanted to.

2 thoughts on “10 reasons I think my walking frame is awsome

  1. I’m picturing you as a skateboarding queen down those hills! As for the decorating… class!!


    1. Haha it looked a bit like that. There are quite a few hills where I live but I don’t do that anymore. Since that photo was take there’s now some silver ribbon type stuff tied onto the walking frame too.


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