Making decisions

Just lately I’ve found myself thinking about how my Cerebral Palsy impacts on some of even the smallest decisions that I make in everyday life. Often, I make these choices without really realising I’m doing it. They aren’t big, important, or life-altering, but they can make thing a whole lot easier.

Take buying shampoo and conditioner for example. I will always try and pick some that comes in smaller or lighter bottles because I find them easier to lift. I’ve dropped some of the bigger bottles on my feet in the shower before and it’s not nice.

I also try and avoid buying anything that’s too expensive because I have trouble keeping the shampoo or condition on my left hand before it even gets to my hair, so quite often it will just end up on the floor and I’ll have to start again. This can be frustrating at times.

My CP also sometimes has the deciding vote in whether or not I should buy that item of clothing that I’m drooling over in a shop because I look at how easy with would be for me to get on and off. I sometimes struggle with buttons and zippers. It could be the most beautiful dress that I’ve ever seen, but if it’s one that I wouldn’t be able to manage very easily, there’s a good chance I might not buy it.

I try to keep my CP in mind when I’m choosing where to go for a day out. If I know that I’m going to want to walk on this day out rather than take my wheelchair for whatever reason, I have to choose somewhere that is a manageable distance for me to walk around, preferably with lots of places that I can stop for a rest. Although, now I have a walking frame with a seat on the back, finding places to take a break is less of an issue.

This is just a short list and I could probably go on. These are just the first few things that came to mind.

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