Some good news

I had a lovely surprise when I went to see the physio this week and she said that she was pretty pleased with the way that my ankles and legs were feeling in terms of muscle tightness. I was worried that they might have stiffened up a bit since the last time I saw her but she seemed pretty happy with them when she did my stretches so I was impressed. I decided to take that as a good sign. I guess my day splints and my night splints must be doing some good.

The day splint I wear on my left foot is still feeling a little tighter than I want it to and is rubbing a bit, although it hasn’t blistered me or anything so that’s good. It just makes my foot a little red in places so I’m going to go back and see my orthotist so he can tweak it a little more for me. I’ve been back about this a couple of times now, and I can tell that we’re almost there with it but I know that it’s important that we keep going until it feels as comfy as the one I wear on my right foot does.

It’s no one’s fault that I have to keep going back, it just happens sometimes.

I’m willing to continue having adjustments made a little bit at a time until we get there.


4 thoughts on “Some good news

  1. that sounds like the splints are really doing their job!! I had some positive news from my physio this week too… I was having trouble with tightness around my pelvis and hips, which is affecting my posture, which in turn was giving me back pain. After just three appointments we seem to be seeing good results, so much so that I don’t have to go back!! The first appointment was checking my range of movement, the second was adapting my stretches and trying some new ones, and the third (this week) was checking the results, and as long as I keep up the hard work I am seeing great results!!!


    1. That’s great news Chris! Glad it’s going well. Hope the back pain is getting better too. Good luck with it all. Hope the good results continue!


      1. thanks!!! Now I have just got to keep it up… but I have set myself some goals so fingers crossed 🙂


      2. Good luck! I find that once you get into a routine things get easier, but getting into the routine in the first place is easier said than done 🙂


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