My latest achievement

So last week I set myself the challenge to get the hang of tying my own hair back. This is something that I’ve always struggled with and I think I only ever managed it once before.  I have some news…

I went out and bought myself a huge pack of bobbles to be able to do this because I couldn’t seem to find any of my own anymore, which shows how often I actually ask someone to put my hair in a ponytail for me. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did.

Then, I started trying and after the first few goes at it I took a break because my shoulder started aching and decided to have a few more attempts later. During that second session I actually managed to get half of my hair into the bobble! It was really loose and not all of my hair was in it, but I still  got really excited and reached for my camera to take a photo to show you all my progress. Then I realised the batteries had run out so I had to go and get some more. Sadly, by the time I found some, my hair bobble had slipped out completely and landed on the floor before I could stop it. I’ll admit that I was a little bit annoyed that I didn’t get the picture in time. I made sure that I sorted the camera out anyway.

Feeling spurred on by my recent achievement, I decided to try again. After a few more fails I actually managed to get my hair into a ponytail! Most of the front part of my hair was in too this time so it was even better than the first. I had a quick go a trying to take a photo but I found it hard to get the angle right, so I went downstairs to ask someone else to take one for me, hoping that it didn’t all drop out on the way.

“Quick, someone take a picture before it all falls out” I said as I burst into the room. They all looked at me and realised what I was taking about and they were all really pleased for me. Not only did my hair stay in place while they took the picture for me, but it’s mostly still in place as I’m sitting writing this too.  Because it actually surprised my by not falling out before I made it back upstairs to my room, I decided to take a picture of it from the front too. I think ‘selfies’ are clearly not my strong point but I gave it a go.

Thanks to my mum for taking this picture in a hurry.
Thanks to my mum for taking this picture in a hurry.
My attempt at a ‘selfie’

As you can see, my hair’s not perfect, but that’s what practice is for, right? It still took me quite a lot of tries before I achieved this, but I’ll admit that I got there faster than I thought I would. I was expecting it to be a couple of weeks yet before I got to write this post, if I did manage it at all.

I think I should try taking my friend’s advice and set myself the challenge of trying to get the hang of tying my own shoe laces next. More on that soon.

12 thoughts on “My latest achievement

  1. If at first you don’t succeed… try… try again!!! I love the selfie and huge congrats on the ponytail. Hope the arms are resting now or at least surrounded by a well deserved mug of tea!!!


  2. I have an idea of how you can put your hair into a pony tail yourself. You could get a long length of ribbon and tie it up witih the ribbon. To make the ribbon stick/hold better you could rub some surfboard wax onto the section that would be tied up, and also around your hair. This would prevent slipping. You could lay the ribbon accross your shoulders, flip your hair over the ribbon, then tie one knot in it, pulling the ends apart, and as the knot tightens and the ends become further apart, you should end up with a pony!

    I use surfboard wax on my shoe laces to stop them coming undone, and also on my ear buds to stop them falling out of my ears when listening to my ipod.


      1. I just thought of that one off the top of my head… (lol. pardon the pun! hehe)


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