Trying not to splash in puddles

Sometimes, I think that I must have a bigger inner child than I actually realise, at least where puddles are concerned.

I used to love splashing in them and walking through them when I was much younger, and I still always seem to end up trailing in them even if I don’t intend to. I try my best to avoid them and it still always seems to happen, I’m not sure if this is because I find it harder to move quickly out of their path, or because of some childhood instinct.

When I had serial casting done as a child I remember played out in the rain for a bit too long in our school playground. My mum had already warned me that I should use the undercover area that it had if any showers hit us, but this particular day, I didn’t think it was heavy enough for me to do that. I didn’t notice that a few of the bottom layers had started to peel off until I got home at the end of the day and got a telling off from my mother. Opps.

This time around, I’m taking the completely opposite altitude and if the ground is even slightly damp, or there are any grey clouds overhead, I go out in my wheelchair just to be on the safe side because I don’t want to have to go and be recast . Nor do I want an even bigger telling off from my mother because now I really am old enough to know better. I always take some form of waterproof covering out with me just to be on the safe side too. This weekend for example, and wrapped a bright red waterproof coat around my legs, and tied it around my waist to hold it in place.

If it were dry enough, I would still take Martha instead of the wheelchair, but for once I’m making sure that I am sensible. The other day mum also remembered that we have waterproof walking trousers up in the loft so I’ll be taking them with me next time for added protection.

If there are some dry days while I’m in pots I think I will still use Martha, but only if it looks like it will be a fine day. I’d rather not risk it over the next couple of weeks. There’ll be lots of opportunities for me to splashing in puddles when this is all over and done with, after all.


2 thoughts on “Trying not to splash in puddles

  1. I still love splashing a puddle or two, the inner child in all of us never really leaves! As for the movie Singing in the Rain… you now have me humming the title song!! Thanks!


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