Sometimes, being happy is enough

One day when I was out shopping I found myself sharing the aisle with an elderly couple. One of them spotted me trying to get passed before I needed to say excuse me:

“Just mind out,” the man said to the woman “there’s a little girl trying to get past on a walking frame,” They both stepped aside so I started to move past them, “isn’t it a shame?” the man remarked. I just smiled and nodded, not really sure how else to respond.

“But look, at least she’s happy” the woman pointed out. I scurried away so that I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation. I get embarrassed sometimes when people talk about me, believe it or not.

They were right though, I am very happy. Why wouldn’t I be? I have a supportive family who love me and encourage me to push the boundaries every day.

I’ve had my Cerebral Palsy since birth and I can’t ever remember not using a walking frame of some kind, and as I’ve said before I consider myself really lucky. I accept my limitations and do my best to do as much for myself as I can. There once was a time as a kid I wished I was able-bodied, but that was a long time ago and I’ve never done it since.

My friends often ask if I’d let someone take the CP away just for a day and then things go back to the way they usually are for me. I don’t think I would. After all, I think I’d still do all the same activities I do already, but I’d probably be too busy thinking about how weird it would feel to me to enjoy it properly. As I was writing this post I sat thinking about all the things I would do and here’s what I came up with, in no particular order:

  1. Go dancing – I do this already. It may not be perfect, but not many people are. I dance anyway
  2. Cook for my family – I could technically do this now, there’d just be more options
  3. Go on rollercoasters – I’m too small to ride them anyway
  4. Run –while I’d love to go running properly and feel the wind in my face I think taking Martha to the top of a hill has the same effect. We always end up at the bottom far sooner than I intend us to be
  5. Ice Skate. I haven’t done this yet, but the man in this video proves it’s possible from a wheelchair I really should give it a go sometime.

While I can understand why people would want to take away their disabilities either for s short time or forever, personally I’m happy the way I am so I don’t feel the need to change things. For that, and so many other reasons, I do truly consider myself lucky.

One thought on “Sometimes, being happy is enough

  1. Nicole….as long as you are happy and I sense that you are….everything is right on your world and ours.


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