Socks, socks and more socks

Whenever someone is stuck for ideas of what to buy someone for a gift, there always seems to be a joke that you’ll get them socks. I don’t know where it came from but I actually quite like getting new ones. For lots of reasons.

As I’m pretty sure many of you know by now I have really cold feet most of the time, so I’ll sometimes been seen wondering around in multiple pairs, even in warmer months so I like to keep lots of them on standby. I seem to have developed quite a big collection of Christmas slipper socks too. Even though I know I probably shouldn’t I wear them all year round to help me stay warm.

Another reason that I like getting socks is that I have a habit of putting holes in them. Partly I think because I find them quite hard to get on in a morning, so my toes end up where they end up, which isn’t always in the part of the sock that’s meant for your toes, so I end up putting a hole through the material because it’s stretched in the wrong place.

Sometimes, when I’m walking my sock will start coming off my foot, and then it will get a hole in it because it ends up trailing on the floor until I can get to somewhere to sit and sort it out. Most of the time I’ll wonder round in a pair that don’t match because I refuse to throw away the one that I haven’t damaged yet because I know that will happen to it soon enough and there’s no point letting it go to waste. .That said, even though I probably have more odd socks than I do pairs, my collection go so large at one point that my drawer would no longer close and I had to start keeping them in seperate bags.