Fun Fact Friday [4]

Happy Fun Fact Friday folks! This is a feature in which I post a fun fact about myself that I don’t feel relates to my Cerebral Palsy.

This week, I want to talk about pet peeves or pet hates. I have quite a few but rather than tell you them all at once, I’ll focus on the thing that perhaps bugs me the most: people leaving plugs in the ‘on’ position when there is no plug in it.

Does this annoy you too
Does this annoy you too?

Every time I walk past one in a public place I have to try really hard not to switch it off. My family also know that this gets on my nerves, so if they are feelingĀ  in a mischievous mood, they will leave plugs that I can’t reach like this to see how long it takes me to notice.

What are your pet hates?