So, I finally got a onesie

My mum and my little sister both love onesies. In fact, I’ve lost count of how many my sister has in her collection now. A bit like me with books, I suppose.

For at least a year, they’ve both been telling me that I should buy one too, to try help me keep warm in the winter. For at least a year I have resisted getting one, because I thought that they might be a bit hard for me to get in and out of, and because I thought that having to almost entirely wiggle out of it so that I could use the loo would get on my nerves.

I accidently bought a playsuit once, thinking that it was a dress, and not really being very good at using changing rooms, it wasn’t until I got home and tried it on that I noticed. I groaned a lot, but in the end I kept because it looks kind of nice. However, I hardly ever wear it for the above reason about toilets.

Anyway, my little sister has been telling me for ages that if I didn’t get a onesie of my own, then she would get one for me. I stood my ground and compromised by getting myself some large, long jumper-style things that you wear over pyjamas instead. The first one I bought was an owl one, and now I have one that is a panda, and one that’s bright red as well. I still didn’t buy a onesie.

No, I didn’t buy a onesie for myself. But my mum bought one for me.

Last week, it was my birthday, and when I unwrapped one of the gifts from my mother I found that that was what was hidden beneath the wrapping paper.

The look on my face must have been priceless because the room erupted into laughter.

I joked that I would still refuse to wear it, but we all knew that I would. They’d been kind enough to buy it for me after all.

Last night, I finally tried it on and found that it was a perfect fit. I didn’t find it too hard to put on actually, which was a nice surprise. I found it a bit harder to get out of, but it still wasn’t too bad. And they were right, I found it really warm. Admittedly, the huge fleecy PJs that I had on underneath it  could have had something to do with that too.

While I don’t plan on giving up on my big jumper-style things that you wear over your pyjamas completely, I will be wearing the onesie again because, yes, I do like it after all.

Thanks Mum. You were right, again.