Helping around the house (or not)

When it comes to housework, I’m not exactly great at it. I mean, sure I do the dishes sometimes and pick up the things that are on the floor but that’s about it.

Truth is, I don’t find household chores all that easy to do, once you take away the ones I’ve just mentioned. I’d struggle to vacuum up unless I was using a hand-held mini vac, and laundry isn’t a walk in the park either.

A lot of the time (well most of the time in truth) I feel bad that I don’t do more around the house to help my mum. I try my best but there’s always work left over that she has to do. If I clean the living room she’s still left t plump the sofa cushions, and in the bathroom I can take care of the toilet and sink but the shower is pretty much a no-go.

Instead, I help out in different ways like entertaining/keeping an eye on/irritating my little sister after school and in the holidays while I’m not working, and making her the odd cup of coffee (which she then has to come and get because I can’t carry it unless I make it in a thermal mug). While she says she doesn’t mind, and that she can do it faster than me (I have no doubt that both of these statements are true) I’d love nothing more than to have dinner on the table for her when she gets home from work, but I don’t think beans on toast would cut it somehow.