About a fall

One thing that I mention on this blog from time to time is falling over. Sometimes I just lose my balance and end up hitting the floor when there is nothing for me to trip on. It happens. I can’t always stop it and just have to go with the flow and hope I don’t get too badly hurt.

I had a fall last week when I was in the kitchen, holding a mug of gravy. I started to wobble and felt like I was going to go backwards. There was a split second when I thought I had managed to catch myself in time, but then I started to wobble again and I knew that was it.

I let out a scream to let the people near me know what was happening. I usually let out some kind of noise when I know I’m about to take a tumble, but this scream came out far louder, and far more high-pitched than I intended.

So many thoughts ran through my head in the couple of seconds that it me to land on the floor, like:

  • I hope this gravy isn’t as hot as I think it might be
  • I really hope this mug doesn’t smash all over me, and,
  • Please don’t bang your head, please don’t bang your head

You will all be happy to know that none of the above happened. Yes, the gravy was quite warm, but thankfully not warm enough to burn me. I ended up with quite a bit in my hair and some running down my nose, mind you. Somehow, I managed to tighten my grip on the mug and not let go, and landed on my bottom and avoided hitting my head. Phew.

Oh, and I also managed to make quite a mess of the kitchen. Some of the cupboards, walls, and some of the floor had also been splattered by the liquid. I was mortified when I realised how bad it was but luckily, it had all been cleaned up by the time I got out of the shower. Believe me, I needed one.

I’m even more amazed that the white-and-pink onesie I was wearing came out of the wash with no lasting stains too.

Still, I don’t want to do that again in a hurry.