We don’t wanna work!

Do any of you find that your arms/legs/insertotherbodypartshere just don’t want to work when you’re tired?

I get that with my legs sometimes, (it happened on Saturday), and it’s so weird.

I make all the movements that I need to make, and I can feel thee muscles flickering and doing their best work, but my legs just don’t want to work how they should. Sometimes they will move, but a lot slower than I want them to and other times they just will not do what I want and do a much small movement.

I get it a lot after long car rides, which makes getting out of the car again all kinds of fun. but on Saturday night it was just because I needed to get to bed after a long day. I was out at a friend’s birthday party that night and I only have my walking frame Ivy with me so I left early so that I could make the five or ten minute walk from my friend’s house to my¬† boyfriend’s flat before I got too tired. I know that I could have just ordered a taxi but I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to see if I could wake my legs up a bit. They felt really heavy and I knew I’d get a better night’s sleep if I made them work a little bit first.

Do any of you get this sometimes? Does it feel strange to you? How do you explain it to to other people. I guess the best way that I can think to explain to other people is that it’s like there’s a fault or a time delay between my thoughts and my muscles.