Getting cold feet

My Microwavable socks
My Microwavable socks

Over the past few days I rally have been getting the feeling that winter isn’t too far away again.

No, not because the trees are losing their leaves or because the days are getting shorter, but because it’s getting to the time of year where I start wearing multiple pairs of socks.

I don’t think I’ve ever met another person who owns quite as many pairs as I do. I have enough to fill an entire drawer so that it can barely close without giving it a huge shove, and then I fill a separate overnight bag too. Even when I wear tights, a put a pair on over my feet.

Because of the way my feet drag on the floor when I walk, I put holes in the toes very quickly. I never throw any odd ones away because I go through them so quickly. Some days, it can take ages to find  a matching pair if I’m head out to an appointment or something like that.

I got the pair of microwavable ones that Rob got me out of the wardrobe the other day in preparation, and it won’t be long before they get used again. I can’t walk in them but I can sit in them while I read books and type all my job applications. My gloves have made a reappearance in my coat pocket too, and I don’t think it will be much longer before I don my hat and scarf too.

What do you do to keep warm when the weather turns cold?