Three years of blogging!

Can you believe it’s been three whole years since I decided to take the plunge and hit publish on my first post for View From a Walking Frame? I’ll be honest and say that it some ways it feels like it’s been three very long years and in others in feels like it’s only been a couple of months. Yet here I am still typing away and here you are still reading.
I’ve changed a lot in these last few years, both as a person with cerebral palsy, and as a person in general when you don’t take my CP into account at all. In my life as a person with a disability, I’ve noticed that I’m having more and more bad days, and that I’ve been trying more and more things to help ease said bad days with varying degrees of success. I’ve extended this blog and now I’m a vlogger on YouTube as well.

I decided to open up to all of you about my mental health and talk about my anxiety and low moods. Sometimes I think I talk about that more than I talk about my cerebral palsy, but you’re all lovely and none of you seem to mind. These things especially have dragged me through the ringer quite a bit over the last couple of years, and this blog is always here to help me deal with that and so are you guys.

I like to think I’ve posted on this blog fairly consistently over the years, even if I have had the odd quiet patch. Having a quiet patch used to make me feel guilty, which would make me feel anxious and down, but I’m slowly starting to accept that it’s okay to write less sometimes. This blog will always be here when I feel like  I have something to say or like I need some extra support.

Seriously, knowing that guys are out there has helped me get through some pretty low times, so thank you. I only hope I do the same for you in some way, no matter how small.

So, who’s up for a similar kind of post this time again next year? I know I am.


Nic xx

A message from me to you on my blogging birthday

Sophie has just helped me film a video for you all to celebrate my 2 years of blogging which I’m hoping to get up for you all tomorrow or the day after because I’m not going to have time tonight. I hope that’s okay.

In it I say a special thank you message to all of you and we play a game of Who I am: YouTuber edition and she did my hair. It was really great fun and the fact that my family support everything I do means so much to me. The fact that you all come back time and time again to read, comment, like and share my posts means so much.

Thank you,

I love you all,