Motivation nose-dive

I feel a bit guilty because today’s blog post isn’t really disability-related. I guess it’s going to be one of those general life update-y thingys where I end up telling you all what’s going on in Nicland and probably asking for advice.

These last couple of months have been mega busy, and busy is great. I’m the kind of person who measures whether I’ve had a good or bad day by just how much or how little I’m managed to get done. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I think I’m generally quite good at keeping myself motivated because of this.

I mean, believe it or not, I’ve been writing this blog on a pretty regular basis for about 2 and a half years now, and I realised a few weeks ago that I’ve also been regularly uploading YouTube videos for a year too. Throw in the fact that I’m currently taking part in National Novel Writing Month and aiming to write 50,000 words of a novel in the thirty days of November, I should be so happy I have so many things to be getting on with that I should be bouncing.

Yet, I’m not.

These past few days I’ve wanted to stay snuggled up in the warmth of my bed, binge-watching Netflix until I lose all track of time. I don’t feel like I’ve been posting on here and I feel bad about that. Sometimes I really can’t stand the thought of sitting at my desk to work.

Sometimes I work in bed instead, but it’s not a habit I really want to get into.

I think some of it may be down to the changing seasons. It’s getting darker earlier and cold and my pajamas as some of the warmest clothes I own, The fact that the summer weather is giving strong winds, and the snow and ice we’ll probably be be getting soon, is making it harder to go out isn’t helping either.

I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping and i usually like to have it all done by the December rush.

Do you struggle to stay motivated during this time of the year? What do you do?

Feeling the cold

It’s definitely getting colder in the UK now and I am most definitely feeling the difference. On days where I’ve still been wearing dresses, I’ve also had my socks on over the top because my feet often feel the cold more than anywhere else.

That said, my legs always feel it too, especially the upper half above the knee, (which, as it happens, is probably the place I get the most pain when I’m on my period too.)

For the last couple of days I’ve either been sat with a blanket over them or with a wheatbag on my knee to try keep warm.

Today, I’m noticing it more than ever because it felt like the cold had worked its way right down into my bones this morning. The wheatbag approach didn’t really help, but a hot shower did so I can’t complain.

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That awkward time of year

At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical Brit who always talks about the weather, that’s pretty much what I’m going to do today, because this time of year can be just plain awkward for me sometimes.

Sure, I love how pretty autumn looks with all the colours and stuff, but at the moment it’s neither nice and warm nor freezing cold, which means that my body can’t decide if I’m hot or cold. This mostly just leaves me feeling a bit unwell a lot of the time with that tired, achy, shaky, cold feeling. I’m pretty sure you know the one.

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