Fun Fact Friday [7]

Hello and welcome to Fun Fact Friday, a feature in which I share facts about myself that aren’t linked to my Cerebral Palsy.

Today, I want to talk about phobias. I have quite a few myself. I won’t go in the sea because I’m scared of crabs, I hate the thought of getting on a boat, and I’m pretty scared of dogs too. Especially the ones I don’t know. I mean, what if they jump up at me and knock me over?

Those are just a few, but those are not the things that scare me most of all. Oh, no. My biggest phobia is the eight-legged-creepy-crawly things that we call spiders.  Even small ones have been known to make me scream, have a racing heart and, make me try my best to run away in case they come after me.

One started crawling up my bed sheets once. I was nearly sick. You probably think I’m joking. I’m not.

One spun down from the ceiling on its web and landed in my hair once while I was reading and landed in my hair. My mother says she’s never seen me move so fast. My family thought it was hilarious. Needless to say, I did not.

I wish I  could say that I can get close enough to them to catch them them in a glass, but I can’t even do that for the following reasons:

  1. It involves getting close to the spider
  2. If it’s on the floor I have trouble bending down to reach it
  3. It involves getting close to the spider
  4. It might drop it or fall over and then I’d have no idea where they thing scurried off to
  5. It involves getting close to the spider

So yeah, in summary, today’s Fun Fact Friday is that I hate spiders.