You’re joking, right?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve made light of my disability and often make jokes about it too. Sometimes other people are shocked by this, or I can tell they want to laugh they’re not sure if they should or not.

The thing is, I’ve got my cerebral palsy for life and no amount of being sad about it for wishing things were different will change that, so I would much rather spend time laughing about it and seeing the funny side. I think a lot of other people I know feel the same.

I actually quite like it when others join in too, as long as it’s clear that they’re making a joke in good will and with no malice intended. I take that as a sign that someone is relaxed around if they feel they can do that.

In a strange way, it makes me feel accepted too, you know?

When some people hear someone make a joke about my disability, they get offended on my behalf but I kind of wish they wouldn’t. It’s nice that they care about me enough to get upset.

I have quite a few friends with disabilities too, and with some of them we joke together about the things we find difficult or issues that we face, but I don’t do this with all my friends, because some of them don’t like to do that and would find it offensive.

What do you think about this?

3 thoughts on “You’re joking, right?

  1. I always make jokes about my cp, and most of my friends do too.
    I actually get offended if people take offence to people making jokes about my disability or my sexuality…..
    I think joking about it helps other people ‘deal’ with it easier if you see what I mean


    1. I know I get kind of offended by people getting offended on my behalf too, although if I’m with someone I know will get offended I tend not to do it. I have other disabled friends but I only make jokes about their disability if I know they kniw me well enough to know I’m joking. Wow, that’s a cinfusing sentence.

      I have lots of LGBT friends who get annoyed whenever the ‘political correctness people’ try make it so that you can’t say certain things abd end up making a joke over the things that people think you shouldn’t say. I think one of them once heard that you weren’t supposed to say fairy light anymore. Amused us for weeks


      1. I can’t bear over the top political correctness….. As I said to someone at work once, I’m Disabled, Gay and a Portsmouth Fan…. You have to be very inventive to offend me…. I’ve heard it all before!!!!

        I like when people see the funny side of my differences…. I HATE it when people avoid it or fuss about it…. If I fall over when with friends, they are expected to laugh. The same with my startle reflex.
        We went to see Alan Carr recently and he did a routine about him having ‘mincers leg’ and I think out of the whole theatre me and my friends were laughing the most as he hobbled round the stage almost exactly how I walk!!!


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