I moved out!

I did it! I finally moved out of my mum’s house. Not only did I move out, but I’ve moved away. I’ve gone from West Yorkshire to South Yorkshire.

I’ve wanted to move out ever since I had to move back home at the end of university. Moving back in was never part of The Plan, let alone being there for another nine years.

I always assumed I’d move away for work. I haven’t. I’ve moved away for *me*. And that makes it somehow more exciting.

The most obvious, and perhaps ‘easy’ thing for me to do would have been to move to Leeds; it’s where I work and is on a direct train line back to my Mum’s. But let’s face it, I’m not known for doing things the easy way, so I moved to Sheffield. Obviously.

I still work in Leeds (well, my office is based in Leeds, but I’ve been working from home for the last year and a bit) It’s roughly the same commuting time to get to work from Sheff as it was for me when I still lived in Keighley. I’m right in the city centre so everything is close by. I have friends here and I know the city a bit from when I had all my hip and leg surgery as a teenager. Plus, being here kind of reminds me of my dad in a roundabout way so it seemed like a fairly logical step.

Honestly, I’m just really excited to live somewhere that actually has Deliveroo. And a convinece store I can get to that A) has step-free access, and B) isn’t up a giant hill.

Did I mention I can use Deliveroo now?

This isn’t the first time I’ve lived away from home, but it is the first time I’ve lived alone, which brings with it a particular set of challenges on the cerebral palsy front. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to live somewhere that had a 24hr concierge desk that that there was always someone I could ask for help if I got really stuck. I’ve programmed the number for the reception desk into my Alexa so that I can get her to phone them if I (God forbid) have a fall and need them to call an ambulance or something.

I’ve hired a cleaner, and I made sure to choose an agency that offered support with things like changing the bed and putting the laundry away for me too. They would take my laundry away and bring it back for me the following week if I wanted, but I’m going that bit for myself for now. It’s nice to know I have the option to add that to my package if I want to, though.

Most of my crookery is plastic or bamboo because I know I wouldn’t be able to clean up a smashed glass or plate n way own.

Doing more things for myself is taking up more energy and I haven’t quite got the hang on managing that yet. I’m sleeping lots and I tire more easily than I did in my uni days, but hopefully, I’ll adjust soon. Or get better at managing my spoons at least.

It’s been a month so far and I’ doing better than I expected. Let’s hope it continues.

2 thoughts on “I moved out!

  1. Whoop!! So chuffed for you. I know Sheffield pretty well – I lived there from the age of 10 until I got married and moved away. My parents are still there.
    Where in Sheffield are you? I’m impressed that you’ve found a bit that isn’t ‘uphill’!!!
    Enjoy it – you got this.


  2. Sheffield is 7 hills, I know this because I have cycled up them all. Well done in finding a flat spot, and with good local facilities, as for the fatigue the more you do the easier it gets but that does take time so don’t rush it as it will happen eventually but very gradually. Enjoy and take care


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