2 thoughts on “Video: Trying Calipers again & Cerebral Palsy

  1. Hi Nic. Great to see that you got your callipers. They are similar to what I wear on my left leg. My bar is on the inside of my leg. The T-strap around your boots will give you a lot of support as will the retaining strap that holds the calliper spur into the heel. I notice that you have a back stop on the heel socket. I used to have this on my boot. This worked well and stopped my toes scuffing the ground as I stepped through. I have spinal injuries after an accident when I was a child and have worn various callipers and boots, both good and bad for the last 32 years. If you need a wearers perspective on braces just ask.


    1. I’m always looking for a wearer’s perspective on anything like this so I would be grateful for anything you can tell me.

      I’m building them up slowly and have managed to avoid blisters or irritating the skin on my legs so far so that’s a good thing. It still takes me a little while to do up the straps but I guess that will get easier with practice.


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