4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sore muscles and spasms

  1. I know how you feel! I have been having a few tight/ twitchy days recently, where my body is reacting to being used differently… I’m really tight in my hips where I am sat down a lot of the time… I feel like I can’t win!!! If I walk too much I ache and get really tired… If I sit down too much, I tighten up!!!


    1. I can totally relate!! I’ve had a really bad back these last couple of weeks so I changed the ay I sat most of the time to try make that better and now my hips and legs are bad!

      I’ve been getting new, different pains. It keeps feeling like I have cramp and pins and needles under the big scars on my hips and I keep getting the same things in the backs of my knees and in my thighs when I walk so I’ve started Baclofen again. Have you ever had this?

      I think I might have to phone the physio.


      1. Errrm never had that feeling in my scars, but I do often get pins and needles like pain in my muscles especially my hamstrings and calf muscles on a bad cp day especially if I’ve been sitting awkwardly/badly. I’ve been having achy days with my hips and back recently….
        How are you finding the Baclofen?


      2. I’ve found that it really helps. I only take it on days that I feel like I need it. I’ve found that it really helps if I take it not too long before I’m due to go to bed if it feels like I’m going to have a bad CP night.

        I’ve been having a lot of achy days lately. The cold isn’t helping, mind you!


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