And so I’ve made a start…

Well, it may only be October but I’ve already started Christmas shopping.

Don’t hate me for bringing up the C-word. I’m not ready either

I’m not sure quite how I feel about this. Part of me feels like it’s far too early to be doing it, but on the other hand I feel like it’s probably a good thing. I love shopping any time of the year but the last couple of weeks of November and December, during which the thought of donning about 17 layers of clothing and hoping that there’s no ice around for me to slip on makes me feel a bit ill.

We all know what it’s like, there’s just so many people, and everyone’s in a rush and wants to make sure the get hold of all the gifts they want to give people before they all go out of stock.

I always feel like I should save one or two things to buy in the last few days before Christmas, but it’s just not wise for me.

I should probably also think about re-stocking my glove collection, as I tried looking for some the other day and could only find one pair, although I usually have about five because I always lose them.

Maybe I should buy some thicker socks too…hmm…

I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year…

16 thoughts on “And so I’ve made a start…

    1. Me too – I’m a crafter so I make a lot of my gifts and I started making them in August/September and was planning for it on June – I now have like 12 weeks to make 3 quilts (already made 2) and 4 cushions with Pim poms :/ eep!!!

      Also I use online shopping for long distance gifts and order and send using a wrappping service :/ xx


      1. Well I love both but I was thinking of the ones they have here in California at this time for Halloween. There little tiny eggs covered in all different colors of foil.

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  1. I am blending making Christmas with buying Christmas so I started Christmas makes last month and started planing in the summer…. as for bouying that starts this month online. The joys of the crafter hehehe I do love it 🙂 put ur order in soon If ud like owt from anywhere as postage can be awfully if ur an online stockists xxx


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