Thoughts on getting a new walking frame

My physio has ordered me a new nimbo walking frame. I’ve had my current one Martha for over two years now and after being used almost every day during that time she’s starting to show wear and tear. The wheels are wobbly and she’s starting to get rickety. It’s time for her to retire.

Even though my new frame will just be an exact replacement of the same model, I’m still feeling quite emotional at the thought of getting a new one. I always do, actually. I realise this probably sounds silly to a lot of people, but I get attached to each one. It becomes like a friend that gets me through the good times and the hard, and everything in between.

Take Martha for example, I got her just a few weeks before I started this blog. I have been to two Comic Cons with her, a music gig, my first trip to Edinburgh and so on. My walking frames help me chart my achievements and progress in the time that I’ve had them, and help me keep track of the timeline of my life in general.

While I’m sad that Martha will be leaving my side soon, in another way, getting a new walker always feels like the start of a new chapter in my life which could lead to good things. I always put it off as long as possible, but then the new ones always run so much smoother I’m always amazed I waited so long.

I probably sound way too attached to my walker so my own good right now, but I can’t help it. Do any of you feel like this too? I don’t have one but I imagine people feel the same way about their cars and stuff.

I don’t have a name picked out for my new one yet, but suggestions are welcome 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on getting a new walking frame

  1. I think it is perfectly normal to get attached to objects we can associate with positive experiences. I was very upset when the backpack I took with me abroad started to tear because it had been there for all of those memories.

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