Thinking out loud

One of the things I love the most about this blog is that it gives me a place to come and think.

Okay, so I’ll admit that it’s a pretty public way to come and think and organise thoughts I’m having, but I like it. This is another one of those posts that I’m writing in the middle of the night, long after I was hoping to be asleep. Yet, here I am, typing away.

Truth is, I’m been lying awake in bed for the past hour thinking about this blog, about what content I’m going to post next week, and about whether or not you guys like the stuff I’ve put up recently. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with just how much I should talk about my YouTube channel on here. When I started that, I thought I’d mostly just post videos that were an extension of my blog, that focused mostly on disability and my life with Cerebral Palsy, but it’s become more than that.

In recent weeks I’ve branched out and started filming videos about the stuff I buy when I go shopping, doing other types of videos with my sister, and lately I’ve started filming average days in my life and editing them together for people to see.

I’ve even spent more money than I probably should have done on a new camera and some editing software because I’m enjoying it so much.

I embed some of these videos (mostly the ones about disability) into my posts on here, but I never know if you guys would want me to do with same with the others. I share all them over on View From a Walking Frame’s Facebook page, but I always worry what you guys think about that. This blog always has been, and always will primarily be about my disability, and I don’t want you guys to think that I’m leaving all that behind.

Do you mind that I promote my non-disability related content on the blog’s Facebook page or would you like me to stop?

Do you want me to embed more of the videos into posts on here so that they’re all in one place?

I’d love it if you could all let me know. I love writing this blog and making videos for you guys, and I want you to enjoy them as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Thinking out loud

  1. First it’s your blog and you should feel free to post whatever ya want. That said I think it’s important to show that we are far more than our disability so I don’t think posting non-disability related content on your blog is a bad idea at all. You may have cerebral palsy but you are still human and love all the things humans love.


  2. Be who you are, do what you want, create what you like, post everywhere. You can’t control what people think or how people respond. Just do what feels best for you. Be true to who you are.


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