What a difference a week makes

You may remember that I spent most of last week’s post talking about the pain that I’ve been having in my left hip for a while now. I knew that I had to take a lot of the blame for this because I haven’t been keeping up with my physio or wearing my night splints as often as I should.

Well, what a difference a week can make.

I’ve put a lot more effort in, especially over the last seven days and it seems to be paying off for me. I’ve been spending more time sitting in positions like long sitting and sitting cross-legged to help give my muscles a good stretch, I’ve been trying to massage my hip myself. I’ve made a real effort to wear my night splints more too.

To ease myself back into having them back on again, I started out just wearing them for a couple of hours during the day while I was resting and reading or watching TV, and then I spend the whole night in them last night. I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for a while and I woke up feeling the benefits of both that and my muscles having had a good stretch. I’ve noticed that my ankles have been feeling a lot less tight over the last couple of days too so I’m already feeling the improvement. This is one of the best forms of motivation for me.

My hip still aches a little bit, but it’s better than it was. Let’s hope I’m on the right track now.

5 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes

  1. glad you seem to be getting back on track! I’ve been attempting that too!!
    I’ve made a conscious effort to do a bit more physio after my friend and I had a bit of a chat because she had noticed how tight I have been recently and finding things harder, I felt like I had been told off!!! Although she was a great help, we had a night chilling in front of the tv Friday and she gave me a really good stretch out and was I much more comfortable afterwards.
    She also said how much more comfortable I looked when I was wearing my gaiters sat in front of the tv, so my legs weren’t fighting the tightness making me fidgety!!


    1. Thanks it sounds like you’re getting back on track too. I’m glad your friends look out for you and talk things through with you. Another person’s prospective can really help I find. Sometimes it’s nice just to chill out and think things through for a bit. It was nice or her to help with stretches too, amd that she noticed how much your gaiters help you. There’s a lot I can do for myself but sometimes I just need that extra bit of help. I ask my family and my boyfriend to help out sometimes


      1. trying to!!!
        Yep she’s pretty good, think it helps that she has a brother with cp so knows how it is although it can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes cos she can see straight through me especially when I say I’m ok when actually I’m not!!
        It’s brilliant having a couple of friends that help with physio, especially when I’m having a bad cp day. They also know when I need to chill out and are quite happy just to chill with me which I find a lot of people don’t understand how tired cp makes you and can get a bit funny if I don’t want to go out etc.


  2. Hi! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now! Just want to say I always get inspired by reading your posts. I work with children with developmental difficulties and some have CP. I always get very attached to the kids I work with but in no way can I know what they really go through though I talk to them a lot and their parents. Your blog gives me some insight and makes me appreciate all of my kids even more and even helps me understand better, too. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi thanks for reading and commenting, I’m glad my blog helps you. I admire people who do the kind of work that you do. Those kids will probably value it more than you know.


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