The ‘down side’ to my night splints

My night splints
My night splints

People who’ve been reading this blog for a while now might know that I got a new pair of night splints a few months ago; and I’ve blogged about my love for them ever since. I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve had a really good stretch without having to put in too much effort (besides remembering to get someone to put them on for me). I don’t have to find time to build wearing them into my day either. Needless to say; I think I’m in love. As long as I remember to put a pair of socks on so that the straps don’t rub my feet I couldn’t really find anything not to like.

Until now…

Just lately we’ve been having some really warm weather here to the point where I can walk around the house in bare feet; and I say this as someone who owns a pair of microwave socks because her feet are usually so cold. I love warm weather so I’ve been switching between bounding around like an excited puppy, eating loads of Ben and Jerry’s, and reading in the garden or our lovely and warm conservatory. Happy days! I love it. Until it’s time to go to sleep.

My Microwavable socks
My Microwavable socks

My night splints are also fully-lined on the inside, (that’s part of the reason I find them so comfy), but it also makes my feet really hot. Usually, I find having warm toes quite a novelty, but with the added heat it’s making them just that bit too toasty.

I’ve started sleeping with my feet poking out of the bed covers to try keep them cool, but the other day I had to admit defeat and take them off. I’m even thinking of wearing them during the day (I can also wear them when I’m resting if I want to) until it cools down a bit.

Still, I’m not going to complain that the sun is here. I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

Now, who wants an ice cream?


10 thoughts on “The ‘down side’ to my night splints

  1. so I had this problem, and I got special sweat wicking socks for night time. I am having some struggles right now with a nearly formed contracture that I am battling, so splints are really important. I agree that it feels really good in the morning. You can also ask your orthotist to drill some holes in the braces to allow breathing, but I didn’t find this super effective. good luck!


  2. I know the feeling!!! on Sunday it was really warm here, and I’m so not complaining cos I’m a real sun worshiper too!! and it was the day I did my abseil… but my feet and legs did get hot in my splints!! and I didn’t bother even trying my gaiters that night – they are super hot this time of year, even if I have my legs sticking out from under the covers!! I would recommend getting some afo socks though, they are really comfy when the weather warms up, they’re expensive but worth it I think.


    1. Oh wow, how did the abseil go? I don’t balme you for not wearing your gaiters, I remember they were always super warm. I’ve never had AFO socks, but I think I might look into getting a pair πŸ™‚


  3. It was fab!!! so going to do it again if I get the chance!!! if you Google spinnaker tower Portsmouth, that’s the building I abseiled down. Afo socks are great, the don’t wrinkle up like normal socks, so they’re more comfortable πŸ™‚


    1. I just dd and wow that looks like it would have been amazing but terrifying all at the same time! I’ve never done anything like that. Not sure I’d have the guts. Cool I’ll have a look into it.


  4. We use AFO socks too because they soak up sweat and don’t crinkle. They can be expensive here like between AU$10 and $50 for a pair! But even having one good pair of good ones is probably worth it! Mind you also more economical once you have stopped growing (we aren’t at that stage yet!). My little poppet also suffers from VERY HOT or VERY COLD feet! I LOVE the idea of microwave socks! I have never heard of them! Mind you we would only use them for a few weeks of coldness over here πŸ˜‰ I have a pair of sheepskin socks for Miss M to pop on when its really cold, but she cant walk in them – too slippery! I will have to look up microwave socks now.


    1. I’m not sure how much they cost over here but I might have to look into them. My feet are usually always freezing (poor circulation) so I have tonnes of socks. I hope she finds the sheep skin ones nice and warm. I can’t walk in my mircowave socks either but I usually pop them on while I’m reading or at the computer. I think they’re reasonably proced over here.


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