Time to see the physio

Well today’s the day I go for another appointment with my physio, and I’m pretty glad about it. If I’m being honest I feel like the muscles in my legs, especially around my knees and ankles have tightened up lately. I’m not a medical professional so I can’t say for sure that they are, but it will be nice to get her opinion on things.

I won’t be surprised if she agrees with me that my legs are getting tighter, but it’s still not something I’ll be happy to hear all the same.

While I’m at the hospital I’m going to pick my night splints back up too because I’m told that they’re ready for collection after I sent them off to have some walking grips put on the bottom. This means I’ll (hopefully) be able to wear them for longer periods without having to take them off and ask someone else to put them back on. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take some pictures to put on here too.

That’s it for today, a short and sweet update. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I have some interesting, and maybe exciting, things to tell you all about my physio session and my night splints next week.

6 thoughts on “Time to see the physio

  1. Both my physio and orthotist told me that only I can be sure of the changes in my body, whether good or not so, and they are basically there to help manage it.
    hope it goes well!!


      1. Great to hear, look forward to, Hope the weekend is a good one! It’s to be a bit chilly here, perhaps the weather will be kinder there!


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