Avoiding crowds

It’s safe to say that I’m not a fan of crowded places. It’s not the noise that bothers me as such, its more that I’m afraid of being knocked over or knocking someone else over with my walking frame or my wheelchair.

I use both buses and trains on a regular basis, and I always try my best to avoid using them in rush hour times. It often means that I sometimes have to make my homeward journey sooner or later than I would like, or arrive far earlier than I need to. This can be annoying sometimes, but I feel much more comfortable doing things that way.

Yesterday, I found myself in a busy train station just after 6pm. I thought things might have been a bit quieter by then, but there were still loads of people around. I followed my mum and the man who would be helping us onto the train with the ramp to the platform, but ended up just behind them because I couldn’t weave my way through the people going the opposite way quickly or easily.

My mum noticed what was going on and started walking at my side, stretching out her arms to stop people from walking into me if they hadn’t already spotted me and started moving out of the way. The man who worked at the train station also kept hanging back to make sure that we didn’t get separated.

In the past I’ve almost had people walk into me on lots of occasions and I’ve had to let out a yelp to let them know I’m there so that neither of us end up on the floor. If someone catches the back wheels of my walking frame, that can sometimes throw me slight of balance and make me wobble too, so I have to try and be aware of what’s going on behind me as well as in the front and at my sides.

It doesn’t bother me quite as much when I’m in my wheelchair because I’m already sitting down, but I still don’t find it pleasant and I’m sure whoever is pushing me at the time doesn’t either. That said; I have almost ended up with someone sitting on my knee a few times when they haven’t seen me coming.

4 thoughts on “Avoiding crowds

  1. I’m with you on not liking crowds!!! Being crammed together with lots of people makes me feel wobbly as it messes up my special awareness, I have the stopping distance of a container ship and change direction about as well!!! Plus people don’t get that I need wobbling room!!


    1. I’m I’m walking with my walker or holding onto anyone’s hand, which I try and avoid doing if possible if I’m outside, I don’t use it indoor though. I find it really hard to stop if there isn’t something for me to hold onto. I’ve come close to accidently catching people with my hands when I’ve tried to balance myself when I start wobbbling a few times.


    1. It can be really frustrating sometimes, other times people always move out of the way to let me through even when there’s plenty of room which I find really nice.


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